Lighting - Night Sky problems


I want my game to be set completely (and always) in darkness (night time)… the main point of the game will be the flashlight so i want to create a dark sky, with a moon, with clouds and stars…

See picture:

I want something that is like that!

Any ideas? Tutorials?

+1 on this, I’ve seen some really amazing night skys in ue4 evilmrfrank has some fantastic night skys but I have no clue how to replicate

yeah saw a few of his videos! would love to create those for my game but have no idea how to…

Hi! The main problem in creating really dark scenes is that the camera’s eye adaptation makes really dark areas brighter over some time, especially if there are no really light objects nearby. The trick is to limit the eye adaptation range. This can be done on PostprocessingVolume settings under exposure settings, . Simply place a PostprocessingVolume in the level, make it unbound (affects whole scene) and play with that options in the volume. Because the moon is very bright, default bloom effect should make it really shine.

Also, I suggest checking your level to be the correct brightness without eye adaptation enabled (lower settings have this effect disabled). There is an option for that in the editor’s viewport menus (check under exposure - set level 0). Tweak the lights appropriately so the scene looks dark in the level 0 exposure, and set max and min exposure to something like 0.9 and 1.2 so there is still some eye adaptation, but not too much. Everything else depends on how good of an artist you are to make your scene really epic!