"Lighting Needs to be Rebuilt" in Packaged Game

I’m getting the “Lighting Needs to be rebuilt (## Unbuilt Objects)” message (such as you would get before doing a lighting build in the engine) when i package my game. What is going on? How do i fix this?

You will need to identify what actors in your scene are throwing this error. You can find this out by using the console command DumpUnbuiltLightInteractions. Then you can check the Log Output for the list of actors that are throwing the error and fix the issue. Sometimes this can be as simple as you have a spawned in actor that is set to static or you move an actor that is set to static and it breaks the lighting that way.

This worked perfectly! Thank you!
It was the Improtu Stair Pack that i was using that was making my lights all screwy. thank you again!

Wow, had no idea we could do this. Very useful!