Lighting needs to be rebuilt after light build completion.

I know this has been asked before but this seems different. And I tracked down the source of my issue but just don’t understand the reason.
I have GTX1080 desktop and GTX1080 laptop. Exactly same project, copy it and open it on desktop, I get this error. If I open it on my laptop, no error.
On the desktop, if I do DumpUnbuiltLightInteractions from Output Log, it points to actor blueprint which has another actor blueprint nested in it. All static mesh within these blueprints are set to static. And if I look at the actor blueprint in the viewport, it looks like the light is built properly close up. But if I move away from it, it gets lit up like it’s dynamically lit.
What’s strange to me is that this doesn’t happen on the laptop. The actor blueprint looks proper at both close up and from distance.

Any clues?