Lighting multiple rooms with both static and dynamic actors


as I am getting into UE4, the first challenge I’ve made for myself is to recreate functionality of Wolfenstein 3D game. I’ve already hit a roadblock in lighting the scene. Basically, the game level will be multiple separate rooms lit by many ceiling lamps:

1, If I make ceiling lamps static, I can bake the lighting down, which I want to do, but then movable actors are completely pitch black.

2, If I make ceiling lamps stationary, then I always run into the limit of 5 overlapping lights, so it is a no-go.

3, If I make ceiling lamps movable, then all is lit, but I lose the benefit of high detail and low-performance-taxing baked lighting

So my first idea was to assemble a custom lamp blueprint actor, which will always contain two lights - one static for baked lighting, and one movable, which excludes all the static meshes, but this would mean that I could not cast shadows from dynamic actors onto static meshes.

I am fairly sure this is a kind of scenario UE4 developers run into pretty much on daily basis, so I would like to ask what is a common workflow for making this work.

Thanks in advance.

I’d just use stationary all the time. Turn off shadows on stationary lights that aren’t so dominant in the scene.

Well, they all are :slight_smile: I mean imagine large hall with grid of 5*4 lamps, that’s 20 lamps, evenly distributed. If the enemy character moves around the room, it should cast shadows from every lamp he walks under. :expressionless: