Lighting looks slightly different after baking

Im just wondering if this is normal and if theres any way to change the way lighting looks to make it more representative of how it will look when baked, because it’s kind of difficult to get something like lighting, which is really important in games, especially one like mine, right when its not representative of the final product. Having to build each time I move a light is super time consuming and annoying. Even if i cant get it 100% if i can get it as close as absolutely possible that would help. Here is a picture from a hallway in the mansion before the build:…hL9ljDaymPFXVd

And here is a picture of it after:…A0WEkteWUIWsHP

It doesnt look bad it’s just hard to get lighting right when it keeps changing like that. Is there any way to make it more representative of the live preview?


​​​You could use the preview setting to get a quicker preview of baked results. Or you could try the Luoshuang’s GPU lightmass.

I found a fix, sort of, I changed them to stationary, All of them have red x’s, but they look far closer to the before picture, if not identical. The performance cost is slight, like 0.45 ms, which is pretty good considering theres 74 of them, but only 5 or 6 are on screen at any given time, 10 max. The fact that they’re brighter means i’ll need less of them as well, and I can space them out more, I dont want it too bright anyways. With just 1 of the lights I can achieve what 3 lights could baked.

Not sure if i’ll keep it that way or not but thats one way I guess. I plan on having all the lights be turned off since I want there to be power outages in the mansion so they need to be staionary for that, although I could probably use a lighting scenario for that but idk I’ve never created a lighting scenario before but from what i’ve seen its not difficult.