Lighting Leaking?

Hey everyone i was just wondering if there is a fix for these lighting issues I have tried to do everything I could find online still having the issues the meshes are planes but I double sided the mesh and the material and it is still happening my lightmass settings are default I haven’t changed anything I’m posting some pics to show what is happening thanks for your Time.

Fix your UVs and make sure you have a high enough lightmap resolution


It’s not ideal to use planes as walls!! Walls needs to have thickness for proper light calculation!
…maybe you should read a bit more about lighting in Unreal and Lightmass settings…
Right now you have a low light distribution: your lights will bounce 3 times (if you have any in your scene) and your Sky only once!!
Also imagine lightmap resolution as in pixels! Low res pictures will give you blurred out texture: low res lightmaps will give you the same light “texture” resolution!