Lighting large outdoor environments

I know the common wisdom is to use dynamic lighting for large maps, however, I am looking for a way to light large static meshes (large building size) statically, and then light everything else dynamically. I have everything set up like it needs to be, but when I try to compile the lighting it’s stuck at 0%. What’s up? is there an easier way?

Try to open swarm and check there, it can be 0.2% or something, especially if you have lightmap of 2048 or larger

Thanks man! I’ll give it a try

Depending on what you’re working on and what kind of data you’re dealing with, you may be hitting any number of bottlenecks. UE4 is pretty modern, but I don’t think every facet of the editor and its tools are completely mutithreaded. For example, when shaders are compiling (i.e. opening a new project, restarting editor after project change, etc.) you won’t see all your cores working, just a few. Unfortunately it could also be your hardware in combination with the above problem, it could be bottlenecking somewhere.

Turns out you guys were right, it was just moving really slowly. I just had to turn the lighting scale down.

There is a way to configure swarm to render lighting in at several machines using as much cores as possible from each one, the setup takes some time, but works well for big jobs.