Lighting Lab - Testing CPU, GPU(E) & GPU(L) light builds - Let's collaborate!

Hi all,

I specially wanted to test the new GPU Lightmass (Epic Games) versus the ‘old’ GPU Lightmass (Luoshuang), so I created a map where I could simulate very different scenarios, where lighting could encounter problems.

I would want to ask you to collaborate making your own tests on this same scene, so, maybe, we can contribute to improve the lighting systems, when reporting and evidencing issues to Epic.

In this first attemp, I have made a GPU(Luosuang) test, but I can’t get any similar with the GPU(Epic). Maybe we break something when installing the GPU(L)? So, better to only show you the GPU(L) result, and keep the GPU(E) hidden (…):

You can download this scene and make your own comparisons from here: 140.63 MB file on MEGA

Let’s participate, please!