Lighting issues

Hi guys,

So I’m currently building a level for a university project; mainly as a showcase for my artwork, rather than an interactive environment.
I’ve got everything in scene and now it comes to getting some good looking lighting in, but I can’t get it to look good. Foliage is especially ugly, not shading correctly or being too bright etc, i’m currently using one directional light and one skylight, with world settings at default. The environment is within a jungle during sun set. Ideally, I’m looking to darken everything and highlight with pointlights / spotlights later on.

Here’s one of the issues I was talking about, using bushes and grasses that I made along with a tree from SpeedTree. Screenshot - 563b5c842337078dd80384fc07b638bc - Gyazo

Is there a sort of go-to set up for an external environment, when it comes to lighting? Maybe a guide for setting a decent one up? I have used the first person template for this one.

Thank you!