Lighting Issues

Im having an issue where lighting isnt seemingly being baked… It was for a while then it randomly stopped working. I had an issue with day night cycles where the grass and trees where all lit up bright at night and everything else was pitch black. So i bacjed the lighting at night. This fixed the lit up stuff at night but made it way too dark during the day. When i tried to bake under a minor amount of light to see if that would be a good compromise it maintains the pitch black lighting build. Even if i turn the sun light way up it still bakes almost black. Anyone know why?


You can’t use baked lighting if you’re going to use a day/night system. Baked lighting is static

So how do you wipe baked lighting?

Set up the lights and then click Build. Any changes to a mesh or a light will require the lighting to be rebuilt.

I’ve rebuilt lighting 8 times. Still comming up severely dark like that. Even changed 8t to move able to kill static lighting on it.

Are your meshes static?

So its very strange, i decided to just move on and the lighting works as i want it to in play. but in editor it looks like its night. i can deal with that i guess. maybe just an editor display bug. Thanks for your time.