Lighting Issues

Hi, thank you very much for lending me a little bit of your time by readig this. I’m having some serious lighting issues which are driving me crazy. With some meshes I just get blocky and horrible shadows. When I make my mesh I always use 2 UVs, one for the unwrapping and the other one for the lightmap (I follow the guidelines of padding, aligning with the UV grid, spacing, etc). All the settings are set to Epic as well.
This is a picture of my lightmap. Since this a simple object I just use a 128-res lightmap and the index coordinate is set to 1 so that it uses UV channel 1, which is my lightmap.

These are the shadows when the lighting hasn’t been built. That’s how they should look.

But…this is how they look when I built the lighting using a static light. Just horrible.

Building lighting using a stationary light gets rid of the blocky edges but it still looks horrible.

Raising the resolution of my lightmap to 1024 makes it look better but this is not an option. I can’t afford to use such a high-res lightmap on such a simple object of my level. Besides, I’ve seen meshes using 128-res lightmaps look better than mine using a 1024-res.

I also use a lightmass importance volume that cages the scene but it still looks the same. Could my lightmap be wrong or have some flaws?. Any suggestion will be appreciated, thank you very much in advance and sorry about my English. It’s not my native language :slight_smile: