Lighting issues in an ArchViz project

I’m working on an ArchViz project for some practice and the lighting build generated some horrible results even if I set the quality to production.
The first problem is this weird artefact shown below. It looks as if there are some messed up reflections on the wall and when I move the camera around it changes (slightly). However, when I set the view mode to lighting only, the artefact is still visible so I’m pretty sure it’s still a lighting issue.

Another problem is this strange bleeding effect, where the color of some objects bleed into other objects as if they were glowing. Just like the previous issue, this effect keeps changing as I move my camera and doesn’t seem like anything that’s baked in.

To better illustrate I also include two screenshots in lighting only mode.

If more information is needed to diagnose this issue, please let me know.
Thanks in advance!

It is looks like DFAO, you can disable it in Project Settings-Generate Distance fields

Thanks a lot! That’s exactly the problem!
Didn’t realize DFAO can be that much of an issue. Am I not tweaking the settings right or it is not suitable for this particular case at all?

No problem:)
Regarding the use of DFAO unfotunately it is not suit well for interior scenes, you can make it less intensive(tweak the skylight AO part) but still it cant compare with the baked lighting, the benefit of it is the realtime use, imagine an outdoor enviroment with time of day changes it is where the DFAO can help

Thanks! That’s super helpful! :slight_smile: