Lighting issues and arms are too bright

Hi. My entire game is pretty much all interior. It’s also a FPS right? Well, my main issue is that the scene is sort of dark… However, when my arms pop up (e.g from jumping, running, or getting a gun), they are way way too bright, it feels like, and sort of messes up the scene because the current dark level gets so much darker, and when you stop running, it slowly goes back to normal.

So, what should happen is everything shouldn’t go extremely dark when my arms show in this dark-ish environment.

Any thoughts or ways to fix this? Thanks!

Sounds like a material issue. Care to post some pictures?

It could be indeed the Emission of your arm material. The other issue sounds like auto exposure, I personally like to disable or minimize it for interior scenes. Since it is a bit unpredictable in some cases.

Auto exposure will definitely correct if you put a white (or any color really) mesh in front. Emissive material or not.

Just adjust the character arm material.
you can kill reflectivity by bumping roughness to 1 and Axe specularoty by lowering it to 0. The material may use masks. If it does pass the mask in a lerp with min/max scalars and fine tune them to taste.
also, remember that color PBR wise not even snow is pure white and not even coal is pure black. Check your color values and make sure they make sense.

Another alternative is to throw the arms in a custom depth buffer and apply a post process stencil mask to them. If you ask me that’s too much work, but normally the main character is already in a custom stancil buffer because of other effects, so you could possibly piggyback onto it to fix this.

Fixed it, but now my interior scene is extremely dark now. How can I deal with that? And the fix was auto-exposure by the way, thanks!

Also will post pics soon for the arms, it could be a mat issue.

Fix the postprocess. Many tutorial tips out there to fix it up.