Lighting Issue

So , simple scene mobile lights and a handfull of meshes. What I got here is 2 meshes, both the same, one gets light okay the other not so much. Running out of ideas, any clues?

After some more testing Im suspecting its the brighter one thats acutally incorrect. I ll confirm once i know for sure

So more testing

I noticed that this one area of the map kinda had a hot spot of lighting. I made this map from the default one with lighting. I recreated the level in the completely blank one and am not getting the issue. Even though Im using completly dynamic / mobile light its like theres a left over baked lighting value thats not getting flushed.

Love to know If Im right about this or off track

This big dark area on the left looks for me like a shading issue. Do your meshes have normal maps on them ? Or are this chamfered “mid poly” meshes ?

1-try clearing “Smoothing Groups” in max>Edit Poly>Faces>Select All>Smoothing Groups>Clear.
2-Hi.have you used “Mirror” in max for modeling that part?
looks like “Normal” Issue if i got your problem right.
Sometimes this happens.

Adik - The meshes are “mid poly” , they ve been unwrapped and then the shader does the rest of the surfacing

Shah - I do utilize mirroring / symetry in my work flow, but its all baked out proper. I think you what you suspect you re seeing is a mirror seem, thats not the case. Those are 2 instances of the same mesh
I will do some tests with clearing the smoothing groups, but at the end of the day i kinda need the groups i define to work

As mentioned before this issue doesnt happen on a completely empty new level

Thanks for replying guys

go to max
in top left of viewport click on “+” then xView and then Face Orientation
after that select your model
IF that was Green you’ve got problems.
you got to flip your normals or flip faces.

green what? I ve always used backface culling or view the normals of the model to determine the facing of the model. I ve never used xview before so thanks for pointing that out. But if you make a cube, turn on face orientation, all you get is some green text saying face orienation. Its only usefull view is in wire frame, white is facing, invis is not. Is all the xview stuff wireframe mode only?

played around with some more modes, flipped uvw faces mode that shows green faces for flipped faces. interesting use for that. Not really accurate all the time though. a mirrored character would show false even though theyd be fine