Lighting issue with custom static meshes

Hi! I’m working on a training project (cause I’m too new in Unreal), and something really annoying happening, whenever I build the light my scene looks crappy,shadows are weird and objects shade weird too, if I override the Lightmap resolution for the objects(2048) it improves but having everything in 2048 is going to kill me, so i don’t know if something is bad with my model or what is happening, I’m so done on this issue!! can anybody take me out of my ignorance?

Your lightmap resolution is too low, if you have to turn it up to really crazy amounts then you have too many objects as one object and you need to split things up and update your lightmap UV’s.

That’s the point, all those doors are separate objects, the wall in the other picture is a single object, the lamp is another one, and everything in the scene is made of separate objects.

Still, your lightmap resolution is too low, if it isn’t working with a reasonable resolution then check your lightmap UV’s

Hello again! the lightmap uv’s are the ones generated by unreal, what exactly I have to check? sorry for the dumb question, I am familiar with uv’s but can’t see anything bad in them

The lightmap UV’s that unreal makes are based on existing UV seams, it just copies to a new channel and then runs an algorithm to flatten the existing UV’s without splitting anything up itself
You would need to make sure that the mesh takes up most of the UV space, if you can’t get the detail you want without using a high lightmap resolution then either the object is too big or it’s not utilizing the UV space well.

One last question, can you tell me the unreal limitations for mesh sizes? This one in particular is a wall that is about 10 meters long by almost 2,5 meters height, is the too much? Do I need to split it up? If that is the case, how much do I have to split it?

Thanks in advance for your time and patience!

There’s not really a size limitation that way, for something that size you should be able to use a resolution of maybe 512