Lighting isn't building

the topic is already saying everything.

Message / Output Log don’t provide any other information than this:

Job has failed! Job executable didn’t exit cleanly. Exit code: -1066598274
LogStaticLightingSystem:Warning: Failed to build lighting!!! Lighting build failed.

Lights with unbuilt interactions: 1
Light sun
Primitives with unbuilt interactions: 2468
(skipping 2468 Lines intensifies)
MapCheck:Error: Error WorldSettings_1 Maps need lighting rebuilt

I made almost 0 changes since the last time i build this map…
Tried to find similar cases with google but i always endet up on questions with reasonable errors…


You probably ran out of RAM, large outdoor environments usually require a lot of memory to bake the lighting, if that’s what you’re trying to do then you might need to look into dynamic lighting options.