Lighting is too dark in certain areas of the scene

Hi everyone,

I have a question related to lighting. I have a very simple scene, based in a room with two windows, one on each side of it.
After baking the light, the result is okay, but I get certain areas that I cannot find the proper way to light them up.
So far I just have a normal skylight and a Directional. The skylight uses a Cubemap.

I want to know what is the best way to light a specific area, as I couldn’t find a way to do it just through Lightmass. Also tried lighting that area up using artificial lights but resulted to be quite tricky with creating undesired shadows in other areas…

Also, I adjusted my exposure as much as I could and the rest of my scene is light up just fine, except these kinda mentioned areas. I tried pushing it up a bit more until I get these darker spots brighter as well, but that makes the rest of the scene look too lighted up then…

The light seems okay on the right side of the scene, but in this wooden wall part in the middle of the shot, (where also the material color is darker), the light is just too dark. The material color of this area should be something like this:

Just in case the textures might be the problem, yes, they come from Substance Painter, but the import is set to 8bit as I know Unreal isn’t friendly with 16 bit textures.
Actually, all of the textures come from Designer or Painter, and the colors are represented perfectly, that’s why I suspect it is just a lighting issue.

Also, the Lightmap Resolution for that part of the wall is okay, set to 256, and the Density results coded in green color…

Please, I appreciate any help anyone could provide me with this… thanks a lot!!!

I am attaching three images trying to illustrate the issue.
My lightmass World Settings, a shot of the texture the dark area is using, and a shot of the scene, where you can see the dark area in the middle, compared to the rest it is quite noticeable…

Light Dark 3|267x500