Lighting is broken when using world aligned normals

Hi, I have a base material using world aligned textures and normal maps.
Here it is:

When the normal input is connected, the light from a dynamic spot light has a sharp cutoff.

Even when disabling the normal map in the material instance, using the plain blue 3vector, the light is still broken. When disconnecting the input completely and compiling the base material, it looks normal again:

Here are the settings in the material instance:

Is this a bug or is there something wrong with the base material?

  1. the triplanar nodes are not very good with normalmaps, they need work.
  2. try using it on a wall with proper uv mapping and no triplanar material
  3. make sure that the spotlight is not inside the player mesh or any other mesh i.e it is at a few units away from any surface

Thanks for the reply. I used a UV mapped mesh and the same thing happened, and I have already checked the spotlight. I don’t think it happens if I create a new material instead of a material instance from that base material, so I will try that instead. Thanks again.

I have the same issue here.

I just recreated the material in a new file and it worked

How did you do it? If you used the same material nodes, it should keep the same (not just because “being the same”, but because I also tried it with a very similar material).