Lighting instantly "switches off" when out of camera view

Here’s a gif better showing the problem:

The only thing providing light in the game (particle system on the right) seems to instantly switch off when the camera no longer has it in view, effectively making the character blind (entire screen goes black). This obviously isn’t realistic. How do I stop this?

Can you tell us how you set your scene? Is it just a drag&drop point light or is it in a blueprint? Is the light baked or dynamic? Do you have a post process volume in the scene? Anything else you changed in the world properties? etc.

The point light is set as movable and is part of a blueprint. I don’t believe I touched any other world properties or added post process effects, this is a relatively fresh level.

Do you get the same behavior if you remove that BP and use a new point light then?

Nope, seems like it works fine if the point light isn’t part of a blueprint. Not very practical, though.

Well now we know that it is BP related. Can you post a screenshot of your BP?

I feel a little dumb, now. My problem isn’t solved, but I provided some wrong information. It isn’t a point light, but rather the fire particle system from the starter content. Sorry for that! I didn’t know the particle system could generate its own light.

However, that still leaves me with the question as to why it seems to have its lighting switched off. I haven’t began to touch the particle systems yet (reason why I’m using the already provided ones right now), and I imagine there some setting there causing this. This happens whether the particle system is or isn’t in the blueprint.

Now it makes sense. :slight_smile:

You need to increase the bound scale of your particle emitter so that it wont disappear when its bounds are out of screen.

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Yep, that did it! Thank you.

I think i got the same Problem… my drag and drop point light turn of sometimes and slowly turns on brightness and radius of the light…

where can i find the bound scale of the particle emitter?

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