Lighting in Unreal Engine 5

Hello everyone;

Recently, I designed a level in “Unreal Engine 5” and I tried to improve the lighting of that level by changing some lighting settings; I made changes in “DirectionalLight” & “ExponentialHeightFog” & “VolumetricCloud” settings and everything was fine, but something in my level bothers me, I feel that the brightness of my level is too high, I changed the values of “Intensity” and “Indirect Light” options, but I don’t know why it had no effect; the first few seconds I run the level everything is fine, but then the level brightness increases.
Is there any other way to reduce the brightness of my level?
here is a image of my landscape:

I think my landscape ground is so bright, don’t you?
I would be very grateful if you could comment on this, thanks for your attention!

Adjust the exposure.

Make sure to set the mode to Manual in the PostProcessVolume, if it starts out good and then gradually gets brighter it’s probably set to Auto Exposure :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!
Yes, it was set to “Auto Exposure”; lucky the problem solved!
Thank you again for your helping, Arkiras!

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