Lighting (I guess) Problem

So those 3 White wall panels have some form of shadow in the areas where they touch eachother (ps : they are 2 separate objects)… How to I take this ?

When an object intersects another object there will be a shadow–since the lightmap pixels won’t line up with where the objects intersect you will see some bleeding from the pixels.

What you’re saying is, that is nothing i can do to remove that shadow ?

The shadow lines are so perfect I’m wondering if it’s not ambient occlusion… Try to completely turn it off in your PP volume to see. The problem darthviper mentionned will probably still be there tho but maybe less apparent?!?

Otherwise the best solution is to attach those panels together in your modeling software and make 1 lightmap for it.

Both DarthViper and Heartlessphil have good answers.

This certainly looks like a AO issue. In the Post-Processing Volume, set the Ambient Occlusion intensity to ‘0’ to see if it fixes it. if it does, great. if it doesn’t, then you have the issue that DarthViper mentions. If that’s the case, read this post I made and follow that to see if it helps.