Lighting help :(

Hey Guys :((((

Currently desiging a horror level and ran into some issues!

Lighting is all wrong and i dont understand what ive done wrong?

  • this is my level, as you can see its all dark, you cant see the roof even with the lights on?

  • photo from the example level from the pack, as you can see its all visable? got a nice orange light that shines throughout the whole building? on every level? im so confused:( ive even tried deleting all the lights from this photo/scene and rebuilding and it still shows that orange light?

any ideas?


Hmm, i can see the ceiling in pic1.
You use your reflective sphere thingsis, close to each other, or is it only for testing purposes?
Point lights look normal for me, spotlights seem to have orange tint.
In pic2 above the door (rounded part), some light seems to bleed through, at the corners too.
Are these modular singlesided parts, snapped together?
Can you setup a box around a part, where lightning seems incorrect and add a post effect to it?
I had a cave with opening on top, with singlesided modular meshes and i needed to model a “box” around it, where the directional sunlight can shine through, only where are the openings in your mesh(level) and the “sunlightblocking” hull are.
Sry for not beeing more helpful, only my thoughts, how i would search for a similar error, on my own stuff. :slight_smile:
Ps: Ah forgot: Nice looking, even with wrong lights. The halfwall in the left part of Pic2, in front of chair. It would be nicer, to remesh the hight to the wall tileborder height, for realism looking.

hello Luft,

Thanks for the advice…

managed to make it look a bit better with a Post Processessing Volume! - Thanks for that! Still not perfect but ill keep playing around with settings/adding more lights and volumes :slight_smile:


There are many good tips in this PDF: