Lighting gets messed up after build

Hey guys, I’ve been developing a game for a bit now and have decided its time to at least think about the lighting. I can position a directional light in a spot that looks good but as soon as I build the lighting, It goes to ****. It also seems that some of the meshes are not blocking light like their supposed to. I haven’t done anything with lighting in unreal so this is new. Any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Make sure you have high enough light map resolution, closed off meshes, and non-overlapping UVs.

Lightmaps could be it, Im sure theres meshes that need to be closed off. Im still not sure why It would completely screw it up after the build when it looked moderately ok before it.

Is your directional light set to static? Try setting it to stationary and changing “Dynamic Shadow Distance” to 4000. Also, you should consider adding a skylight.

The primary issue is that the lightmap resolution is too low, which causes the shadows to look blobby like it does there–default resolution is 64 pixels which is often too low.
After you increase the resolution it might show other issues though.

Thanks for the reply’s, I will update the thread as soon as I try all of your suggestions.