Lighting for Giant Structures

Hey, so I’ve been working on this HUGE structure thats going to need to be lit fairly well, but I’m fairly new to lighting so in the past I have usually just messed with the intensity and attenuation radius. I set both of them to max, and I still have minimal lighting. I’d just like some help on how I could make these lights’ influence bigger, so I dont flood the area with tons of lights.


If you’re trying to light that with a point light then that’s not the way to go about doing it, exterior needs to be using a directional light. For things like say a burning torch that’s where you would use a point light.

Before you try to opt your scene, i would suggest to open a fresh template and try lightning there.
I bet your mesh will cause some errors. Better learning with stuff that is 105% working, or errorsearch is complicated.
This is nice too and i personal like it more, then other “lamps”. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Emissive Lighting - YouTube

Thanks, I’ll try some things out :smiley: