Lighting Errors

Hi there,

Relatively new with using Unreal Engine! I’m having some errors when i import my mesh into UE4 and build the lighting. My mesh is all one object and has been unwrapped before taking it into UE4, it’s a pretty large object with approx 655000 poly’s, however it’s imported, i can walk around, im only looking to apply a flat grey texture to it which i have done. When i get to the final process of building the light it doesn’t seem to work and it gives me errors, i have attached images below.

If anyone could help me fix this problem id really appreciate it, as it’s part of my honours project for university i’m really hoping that i can get it to work properly. Nothing special, the main purpose of it is so that clients can walk around the scene and look at the architecture and get a sense of scale etc.


Your workflow is completely wrong, there’s many things you need to change t get it working correctly

Each object gets a single lightmap, so if it’s all one object it can’t possibly get enough detail in the lightmap even at the highest resolution, you need to split up the mesh into many separate parts.
It has to load everything at once since it’s all part of one thing, this means it can’t unload parts that aren’t visible
You have objects that are reused more than once, if you import one by itself you can place the other copies in your UE4 level and that will save memory because it will only keep one in memory.

Ah okay, i thought that, i guess i was just chancing it to see if i could get it to work quickly! Thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile: