Lighting Errors in an Extremely Simple Scene

Hey there,

I created a new project to mess around with the lighting settings. However, my simple cube has issues on the edges:
Sometimes it’s shadows that leak, sometimes it’s light. Haven’t had a error-free build yet.

Here’s the current setup, the mesh itself is extremely simple:
It’s supposed to represent a simple room. Walls, a window etc.

Here’s the lightmap:

And the settings:

  • The lightmap resolution is unreasonably high at 1024
  • Tried “Double Sided Geometry,” “Two Sided” and “Shadow Two Sided” individually as well as in combination
  • Tried with both static and stationary lights/cube
  • Adjusted Shadow Bias settings for the lights
  • Tried a setup with a directional light and meshes around the cube to block the light
  • I’m using the default Lightmass .ini file, no changes there
  • All builds have been set to Production
  • The mesh is literally the default cube in Blender with a hole in it. No smooth shading, no bevels, no overlapping vertices
  • Didn’t change any project settings, made an entirely new project to test things out
  • The material is extremely simple as well, it only has data for Base Color
  • Using UE 4.14.1 on Win10

Wanted to make sure my settings would work before building the lights for a much larger scene. But, I’m having trouble with what is literally the simplest level ever. :smiley: Searched the forums a bit, tested everything I came across, I just can’t get a proper light build.

So yeah, any idea how I can fix this? Thanks.

I asked similar question in Answerhub. I think 4.14 has some serious issues with indirect lighting shadows. I am working on a project and noticed that problem recently. Then I created simple scene and the problem was still there. Eventually I recreated that simple scene in 4.13 with even worse settings than in 4.14 and I got much nicer result.
1c8e2b35084944be665e44a7c6bc075ee561403d.jpeg 4.14.1
97072665b7cd284c915306e2d3c3c227cd92664e.jpeg 4.13.2