Lighting Enclosed Vehicle Interiors

After scouring the internet for hours on lighting setups for vehicle interiors with skeletal meshes, I’m still unsure of the best approach to lighting vehicle interiors; especially those that are fully enclosed (for example: military tank). The objective is to allow players to enter/exit the vehicle and:

  1. Prevent exterior lighting from bleeding through to the interior
  2. Place custom lights (dynamic or static) in the vehicle for “interior lighting”
  3. Still allow the player to see exterior lighting if hatches/doors are opened

Is there a way to achieve this with relatively “realistic” results?

For something like a tank, you could bake the interior by setting the interior meshes to Light as if Static, but the tank would have to be in the scene already, it’s not something you can keep in the content browser to store the lighting info.

The alternative would be to use dynamic lights and try to use as few shadow casting lights as possible.

There’s no option for “Light as if Static” on skeletal meshes.

Dynamic lighting is a possibility, however, I’m still getting bleed from the Skylight. Is there any way to block this without affecting the outside of the vehicle. (Note: the interior and exterior are two separate skeletal meshes combined into a single BP.)