Lighting different camera cuts in 1 level question

I have a situation where I’m using 1 level with about 6 different camera cuts. Some camera angles require different lights to highlight a character better with my close up shots(I have wides, Mid shots and close ups).
Is there a way to turn off those extra fill lights in curtain wides that dont require fill, and in fact create a horrible light patch I don’t want?
Or is there a better way via sequencer or levels to set up lighting needs for each shot independently of 1 level/scene.

This isn’t a gaming setup, its a FA/cinematic type project.
My only experience with saving my level as a new one, do do different lighting for shot requirements was that it overrides the original level, and I lost my original set up. Lighting etc.

Is there a way to assign certain lights to camera cuts i only want those lights to be in, and still work in 1 level?

Hope this makes sense.
Any insight would be appreciated.