Lighting channels also for skylights?


I’d like to have a mesh not affected by a skylight.
I thought that the introduction of lighting channels in 4.11 would solve the problem.
So I downloaded it and discovered that there were no lighting channels for skylight actors!
When will this functionnality be implemented?
Meanwhile, is there absolutely no workaround to solve this problem?
Seems incredible that you can’t do such a thing while you can do so much otherwise.


Light channels for skylights would be great for us too. Was this not supported do to a technical limitation or just an oversight?

Yes please!

Would be cool to have!

Are skylights working for you guys in 4.11? Mine are completely black (or off) in packaged game (fine in the editor) after upgrading, had to revert to 4.10 where they work just fine.

Works fine for me, you should probably report it as a bug, maybe it is hardware specific

Forgot to say they are only broken in packaged game for me, in the editor they look fine.

I`ve tried it on packaged game too, it works

Glad to see I’m not the only one missing this feature.

It would be cool to have informations about this from someone of Epic’s staff.

I’d love to hear a reason as to why they’re not supported. It would be so useful for interiors with dynamic lighting outside.

Due to the fact that DFAO Skylights work best in Exterior environments and not interiors, I originally had to switch the skylight off when transitioning into interior streamed levels. I too thought the introduction of Light Channels would allow me to keep the Skylight on for the exteriors so when you look out windows the shadows aren’t pitch black. I really hope this happens in the future because it would be very beneficial to my game.

Nonetheless, if not, there’s always workarounds.

The only reason it’s not supported for skylights is that it would have added a lot to the implementation time. Simply supporting light channels adds overhead as each deferred pass has to do an additional texture lookup to get the channel info. An efficient implementation needs to skip that work when all lights and primitives in the scene are in the default lighting channel. So like any other feature really - we just haven’t gotten to it yet. Good to hear it would be useful.

+please add this option

yes please it would be great to add this option

Please add the option for meshes to ignore skylights altogether. This would be useful for meshes rendered via scenecapture!

Would love to see this too!

Please add the option for meshes to ignore skylights :smiley:

+1 please add this feature

+1 for me too…