Lighting changes when enabling in Fullscreen

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a packaged game that behaves in a weird way. When you launch the game, it’s by default windowed, and with a 1600*900 resolution. Every time the game starts, the player is on the main menu. You can change both the resolution (with set res command) and fullscreen mode (fullscreen command) from the options in the main menu or the pause menu.

Here’s what strange. If you launch the game with the default settings, the first level will look like the first image here:

But if you change the fullscreen mode in the main menu (whatever resolution you use) AND THEN load the level (by loading/starting a new game), it will look like the second image.

BUT if you change the fullscreen mode from the options in the pause menu (so while in the level already), your game will be fullscreen and with the correct lighting. Until you reload the level, either by dying or going to main menu and back, and then the pinky lighting comes back.

Anyone has any idea why it’s behaving this way? Does the fullscreen command changes anything beyond going fullscreen? Interesting to say, it seems to only happen in the first level (on a total of 6), so is there an option, perhaps in the world settings, that I checked/unchecked and caused this?

Thank you for your time