Lighting Builds

How can I increase building times? I know that more ram is good, but is there anything else that I can upgrade on my PC?

I’m also looking to build about 5 slave PC’s to push to from swarm. What should i put in these computers? Should I focus on RAM or CPU?

Thank you for your help,


BTW - Love the new additions, been around since the beta program and am absolutely loving the road UE4 is going on. Please focus on fixing the bugs though :slight_smile:

Current Specs -

i7 3.9GHz 4 core
GTX 750ti
16GB’s RAM

Soon - :smiley:

i7 4.4 GHz 4 core
Titan X
32GB’s RAM

Lightmass light building strictly use CPU and RAM

My current setup is :

Workstation i7 4790k, 16gb of ram and gtx 980

slave station i7 2600, 8gb ram, gtx 760ti

so yea…don’t add crazy gpu for your slaves it’s going to be useless. :slight_smile:

I don’t know but I think cpu would help more unless you tend to use all your ram but 32 is quite a lot. Never had a problem with my 16+8 so far. Buy dual 12-core xeon’s!!! 24 cores 48 thread ftw!


What motherboard are you using for dual xeons?

Thank you for the help!

I don’t have dual xeons so I can’t say :stuck_out_tongue: Rafareis123 has that setup tho iirc, you could send him a PM. He said his recent scene took 50 mins to build on super high quality with the xeons!

Actually I find if I have two Editor projects open, and Lightmapping going on, I have to set my swap to at least 16GB on my SSD, even with 16GB of RAM.

So CPU’s definitely important for brute-force number crunching, but 32GB of RAM and a fast SSD for 32GB of swap should cover all the bases (and you could Lightmap more than one project at once ?:))

BTW are you finding 4.9.0 Lightmapping builds are faster?

I know I definitely am. I just built something in 2 mins that usually takes 5.

Cheers. Nice new feature of 4.9.0 :slight_smile: