Lighting Builds Much Darker Than Preview

Hi everyone!

I’m having a baffling issue where my lighting looks nice and fine in preview mode, but as soon as I build it, it all goes downhill. Here are some before and after screenshots to show what I mean. I’m mainly lighting the space with Spotlights set to Static, and building in Production quality (although I’ve tried others and the same thing happened.) If anyone could even point me in the direction of a possible solution, I’d really appreciate it.


You likely need to increase the lightmap resolution on your meshes but it also looks like your floor material might be messing with the lighting as well.

Thanks for the response!
I tried increasing the lightmap resolutions (by a lot) but experienced no change. My floor is acting very strange, but I’m not sure why since the material is just two colors hooked up to a lerp and a scalar node hooked up to Roughness…