Lighting Build stays at 0% for about fifteen minutes then crashes with this message?


I’m at a bit of a loss, here. Ever since 4.13 (currently 4.14.1), I have not been able to build this map. I don’t know if it’s a setting in lightmass that I screwed with, or what, but building all works just fine up until the Lighting Build, which stays at 0% for anywhere from 5-15 mins, then Lightmass hangs, displaying this message. Sometimes I get a full UE4 CTD, other times, Lightmass crashes, the build is cancelled, and I go back to the Editor.

Any information is hugely appreciated.

Possibly running out of memory, how much memory does your system have?

42GB. I couldn’t imagine that that’s the issue, I rarely see my Memory Usage exceed 60%. One day it worked, the very next, it doesn’t. I didn’t even add any objects or mess with static meshes?