Lighting Build Failed using LPV GI.

I’ve searched for a while now and could not find an answer to my problem. I am setting my project up to use LPV GI and followed the steps listed on Unreal Engine’s tutorial. I enabled Dynamic Indirect Lighting and checked Force No Precomputed Lighting. When I build I get a Lighting Build Failed. If I disable Force No Precomputed, than the lighting build works with no errors. I get the Lighting Build Failed only when I check Force No Precomputed in order to disable LightMass. I also get the following errors in Swarm:

[PingRemoteHost] Failed to ping RENDER-01 with RENDER-01
[PingRemoteHost] Exception details: An exception occurred during a Ping request.
[PingCoordinator] Determined that we couldn't ping the coordinator
[PingCoordinator] Coordinator ping failed

I have tried disabling my firewall. Adding SwarmCoordinator and SwarmAgent to the firewall lists. I tried putting Swarm into standalone mode, but still get the Lighting Build Failed error. As I said when unchecking Force No Precomputed than it builds fine. Any help would be appreciated.