Lighting Build Failed - Failed to initialize swarm



I’ve been trying to work around this issue for weeks. Anytime I build lighting it shows up and the lighting fails to build. I was previously on 4.24.2, and just updated to 4.24.3 with no change. I have tried using various scenes, and even the template scenes give me this error.

Possibly related; I have to run UE directly from the .exe as the launcher will only give me “failed to install necessary prerequisites”. I have visual C++ 2017 installed, .NET framework, and DirectX installed, and have attempted uninstalling them all as well, with no difference.

I’ve also restarted my computer about 70 times, and attempted to update Windows 10 (which gives me another error, but I’m chalking that up to windows bugs).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve exhausted my resources.