Lighting build explanation needed

Hi there!

I have some issues with building lightning, I guess I am doing something wrong, I hope you are able to help me!

Here an image before building, it is a static point light. As you can see the shadows are perfect, you can even see my vertices of the lamp :

Here an image after building, as you can see, no light is present at all! And yes, the meshes do have light maps.

Now I change the light to stationary. After building this is the result. The shadows are not perfect, but it seems to have build some lighting! (See the pixelated shadows (This is because it is a major mesh, with a relative low resolution light map)

And if I set the point light at movable, the shadows are horrible, it does not even detect the mesh of the lamp.


Can anyone help me with this by explaining why I get those results at each setting? Every mobility change does not result in what I expect (Except stationary), especially not if you read the lightning documentation: Lighting the Environment | Unreal Engine Documentation

I want to build my lighting static, with the same result of my first image (Not build with a static light, and/or the third image (build with a stationary light).

I cannot “not build” the lights due performance, or use stationary lighting everywhere, also due performance.

With the kindest regards,