Lighting Bug

I have an archviz stock scene with a lot of spherical reflection captures and baked lighting. Now I added an VR Actor with a moveable prob. The probs lighting is getting crushed by overbright reflection / lighting through the insides of the capture spheres. Any hints how i can prevent that problem? Is there a way to exclude reflections from the spheres to this specific prob (its actual moving object)?

Thank you!

Ok, it seems, that its not the reflection sphere… maybe its the lighting itself. The original lightmap is baked with some crazy amounts (lightmass scale something like 0.25). The room looks really nice… but moveable actors looking terrible…because its flickering if you move through the level… any idea how i can get a proper lighting on my movable objects and preserving the good lighting in my scene?

Thank you!

Try placing a Lightmass Character Indirect Detail Volume over the scene, this adds more light mass sample points for moveable objects to sample. You can visualize the samples with Show->Visualize->Volume Lighting Samples.

Thank you, I will try this!

Here I have made two screenshots for better visualization of the problem.

I tried to use lightmass character indirect detail volume. And it helps a little bit for sudden brightness changes… But the lighting of my moveable object is still a kind of nonsense…

Sometimes its bright when it should be dark and vice versa. And sometimes its overbright… It has nothing to do with my object because when I use the motioncontroller mesh from the VR-Template its the same. I already disabled postprocessing EyeAdaption…

Any Ideas? thank you!

There was some different postprocessing from Projectsettings and other objects…
Now I try to build the lighting from scratch so I can better understand whats happening…


Ok, so maybe my title is not right. It’s not a bug, it’s the lighting setup. So its a stock project, lighting seems to be optimized for static baking. But its not working well with dynamic objects in it (normally not necessary in ArchViz I guess). So I need to modify lighting that its working well with movable objects. Are there there some best use cases?

Thank you!