Lighting at night

I am working on a game with fully dynamic lighting. I would like to have a day/night cycle, however eye adaptation is somewhat of a pain to deal with. With default post processing settings, as soon as it gets dark for night (intensity of directional light lowered), the post processing eye adaptation kicks in and makes it bright anyway.

I really would like to keep eye adaptation for the day and my game has caves you can enter and explore (without loading a new level).

The only solution I can really think of right now is to have post processing volumes on each cave and then somehow blend between two post processing volumes over time when switching from day to night where the volume for day is default settings with eye adaptation, and the one for night has eye adaptation disabled. (But as far as I can tell, this last bit is impossible)

Maybe dynamic GI could be a solution to my problems as well… if it were ever finished.

You could restrict eye adaptation so that it doesn’t adjust and then just setup the lighting however you want

^^ And do that in the blueprint where you are controlling your day-night cycle, so you only restrict it at night.