Lighting Artifacts


I have a Scene in UE4 with raytracing enabled. Regardless whether RT is disabled or not, I have two strange problems, the cause unknown though I suspect the Sky Atmosphere may be it?

  1. Atmospheric height fog (volumetric fog and godrays/shadows) were great until out of nowhere suddenly stopped working in Unreal as a whole, so I ended up just removing it but I hoped and would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

  2. As you can see in the image, all objects are somehow lit from a nonexistent source. There are no lights in the scene, yet the ships/objects appear to be glowing/lit (as if the viewport were set to unlit mode, or there was a skylight)

The Pathtracer Shows how the shadows should look like (pretty much pure black), and without the light source there should be nothing lit and the screen should be black, which only happens when the viewport is set to pathtracing. (though the sky atmosphere strangely doesn’t render out with the path tracer.)

The Lightmass settings also don’t appear to change anything.

How do I fix these issues ?

Thank you very much !