Lighting, Approaching Simplicity

Hey all, got a back to Basics Quest for you all. Lighting, yes I know this is a huge discussion, BUT, to be as simplistic as you can, How would you approach an internal scene, maybe one or two light sources ( Directional without Shadows for example ) I’m looking for a really simple method of lighting a large Internal Scene such as a factory for the purpose of walkthroughs/flythrough etc. I do not need physically accurate lighting, but just a good around approach at ‘global lighting’ , What would you do? The reason I am asking is that I want a quick turnaround of models brought into Unreal, the outputted without applying materials ( or swapping purely to an Architectural Cardboard model ) Feel free to HMU …

Static lighting costs nothing, but, if you want it to be simple no BS as possible, dynamic directional light and dynamic skylight.