Lighting and texture go horrible after build

So… I’m building lighting at production levels and this is what I get. I get a similar result at the other levels too, - preview, medium, and high. Shadows/lighting looks horrendous and some textures become really blurry. It sort of looks like a scalability issue, but not quite. It started after I started playing around with matinee and sequencer, so maybe there’s a relation there. I have built lighting in this scene before at all levels, to pristine results each and every time.
Do ignore the goat

One more thing - lighting seems to be better in indoor parts with plenty of point lights

Hello 00shahaf

Did you check or setup your lightmap resolutions for every asset properly? Can you try to go close your objects with another camera and check the result? Sometimes there is stearming issue happening but when you get close it turns normal.

already tried and checked all that. I’m not that much of a noob :slight_smile: