Lighting advice. Something off but I have no idea what lol.

Here you can see just part of my forest and it currently has a day/night cycle. What kind of effects can I use to improve it. I’d love some helpful advice. Thanks

In my opinion it’s too bright -> which lights are you using atm + decrease the brigthness a little bit + use post process volumes to add some more effects :slight_smile:

Well I just gave myself a crash course on Post Process Volumes, lol. I didn’t realize what they were. Thanks for that advice. While I don’t exactly know what to do I am definitely going to experiment :slight_smile:

As for what type of light I am using dynamic (If that was what you were wondering lol)


But you use a directional and a skylight? + for a good light setup you could also take a look at some samples from epic games (you can find them in the learn section of your launcher) + do you use the foliage blend mode for your vegetation? (it will also increase the quality of your level)

Try enabling distance fields and Distance Field Ambient Occlusion.

First you need to enable mesh distance fields under project settings. Then you need to select each foliage type under its settings (either under the foliagetype or using the foliage tool) and make sure Affects Distance Field Lighting = True.

Thank you both for the advice. I will spend the next few days looking into what you have suggested. :slight_smile:

@fighter - Yes I use a skylight and the sun (thats directional correct?) I don’t use a foliage blend mode as I am not certain what it is. The vegetation I currently have is using the procedural foliage tool and nothing else.
@RyanB - Thanks I will do this immediately!

It’s a setting in your leaves material which will let the leaves look more realistic -> therefore you have to set the blend mode to “two sided foliage” + connect your diffuse texture with subsurface colour and a constant vector with the opacity (changes the strength of the subsurface effect) :slight_smile:

By the way, here is an excellent overview of different lighting setups at a certain time of day: itchy animation - quirky illustration and characters by Richard Yot