Lighting advice: How to darken the emissive color as the skylight intensity becomes lower?

I plugged an constant3 vector node into emissive color in order to change the color of an objects shadow, which works well enough in bright scenes- but when I turn the skylight intensity down the emissive color looks much too bright

I have to manually darken the emissivie color in the material editor.

Is there a way to automate this (the darkening of the emissive color based on skylight intensity) and/or a way to darken/lighten the emissive color during the game? (depending on the level)

Thanks in advance.

If you are happy with the emissive, parametrize the multiplayer by a parameter collection, and hook up the MPC scalar to whatever currently handles your skylight dimming (hopefully a function call or some such).

Material parameter collections do rock in most dynamic setups.