Lighthouse Shore - Environment Art

Entering the final stages on this environment in 4.5. This has been my first attempt at creating a large natural environment. Most of my older works were interiors or city environments, so overall I’m pretty happy with how my foliage work came out especially. Still planning on adding in a few elements like a small shed next to the lighthouse, but I went ahead recently and took some high res shots of the whole scene in its current state.









This looks truly amazing! job!

Absolutely amazing! :smiley:

Took me a few seconds to realize the first image was actually ingame and not a concept render! Amesome! :smiley:

Very nice, i’m impressed!

, good job!

Looks very good man! Love it :slight_smile: Are you using Lightmass or is this taking advantage of the fully dynamic distance field features?

hey, looks really cool!
Is this SpeedTree grass in you scene? or custom made?

This is beautiful!!

That’s lovely

All the foliage is custom made.

I’m using lightmass for my ambient lighting and using a dynamic light for the sun. I actually thought the distance field shadows would be great for this scene, but when I tried it out I couldn’t get any actors spawned by the foliage tool to cast shadows. Here’s guessing there’s still some kinks to work out of that feature.

Amazing work eedobaba!! How long did it take you to create this scene so far? I will be sure to keep an eye on thread for any updates. Keep up the great work!

Wow… fantastic work! Took a look on your portfolio and was blown away. Such beautiful work there! Things like your work shows that there Must be good support for 3d apps like Blender!

Last one is now my screensaver. Beautiful work.

Looking good Everett!! Keep up the good work.

Ah cool! Yeah regarding DFAO and shadows…try the following (with this I was able to get foliage to cast shadows): place a tree and a grass patch in an empty level and open both meshes in the mesh viewer. Then go to the meshes build settings and increase distance field resolution to something between 3 and 5 and hit apply. It should recalculate them and fine meshes like leaves and grass should then get enough resolution to actually have an effect.

Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

Beautiful :slight_smile:

Started the concept stage six weeks ago. Production started about four weeks ago.

Man, this is ! It reminds me of the game Dear Esther…

Amazing! :slight_smile: