Lighthouse Shore - Environment Art

It looks like you take the assets from Ethan Carter, the rocks and trees looks exactly like in the Game, also the grass.
If not, great job so far :wink:

My jaw dropped once I saw these, stunning!

first congratulations on your work and congratulations on your portfolio, I am creating a scene with references of their work.
Wanted more details about the “Lighthouse Shore - Environment Art” as the texture were made, setup lighting, Sky box, as did the water?
excuse my English

Real quick, a new image from this scene. Work being done on small props mainly now. Building some story into the space.

New set of images. Posted these on polycount, but forgot to post them here as well.

Sir, hats off for you! You have surpassed even AAA devs. You even use all 3D softwares that even AAA devs don’t use. The first company that will get you will be the smartest one.

Easily among the very best UE4 (or any other engine) graphics I’ve seen.

Is there any chance you’ll release playable versions of this environment? I would pay to walk around in there :wink:

Agreed, best of luck! Epic themselves should put you on the payroll just to show off what the engine can do…

Nice update man! :slight_smile: Btw…are you usng sss on that grass?^^

great job :wink:

OMG! Awesome work!!!

Nah, the grass is just using ground aligned vertex normals and some light glossiness for that sun glow.

What do you mean by that?^^ Can you show a screen of the mesh with normals visible? :slight_smile:

Wow looks beautiful. Can share some light on your scene post process?

Just did the vertex normals facing straight up. As far as I know this is pretty standard for grass in games.

Using a whole lot of color grading to get the look I want, but really nothing is out of the ordinary in terms of post settings. My vignette color is an extremely dark purple as well, which I think adds a bit to the feel of the images.

Anyway, I spent the last few days making this VW beetle for the scene. Some images:

The shadow artifacts on the beetle can probably be fixed by adjusting the shadow bias. Loving this scene by the way!

This scene gets better and better!

I had the same problem with a texture, for me it was a problem with a normal map. The color flow was not smooth enough.

Again, awesome scene!

Love the colors, is this 100% from UE?

Yup, these are just the raw shots out of the high res screenshot tool.

Thanks, that worked! I’ve been scratching my head at how to get fix that issue, and I must have missed that setting last time I did a pass on my sun light.

I’m speechless…
4 thumbs up Man!

Haha…yeah thats how I make them as well^^ I was just a bit confused when you said ground aligned…wasnt sure which direction because you can also have them facing away perpenticular to the surface, but then you probably want to use two planes which is not nice to handle. So yeah…thats why I asked :wink: Thanks for clarifying and very nice updates man…love the beetle!