LightBuilding: " Failed to Connect to swarmAgent " Issue

I downloded and installed the engine using the launcher …

4.2 is the version.

When I try to launch the swarmAgent.exe , windows says that this is an 32bit app which won’t work on a 64bit operating system.

I am running on windows 7 64 bit.

Light building never worked no matter which level or map I worked on.

No firewall, no antivirus at all.

I need to use the engine ASAP.

Best Regards


Are you trying to launch SwarmAgent.exe manually? If so, why? Swarm should start automatically when you start building lights.

If thats not the case, post this issue on AswerHub please.

Hi Ozan3d,

Please post this on the AnswerHub as Jacky suggested. This should be posted in the Bugs sections for the quickest response to get you up and running with your system.

Thank you!