Hi how can I correct the unnatural light on the face of the character.The head is covered by a hood which should not let the light pass instead.
Thank you very much for any suggestions.

Hey Acrobat!
Depending on where your light source is coming from that part of the model will be lit, I noticed that the light is coming from in front of you character right now, try a more dramatic approach and a spotlight right above the character pointing down, this will already give a more clear idea of if it’s actually working or not. If that doesn’t give you more of an idea if it’s working, make sure that the model of the hood has some depth in it and isn’t just a plain that light can bleed through. But in general, I think this is an issue that can be fixed by simply playing with the light settings! Hope this helps!

First of all, thank you very much for your reply and suggestions. After many attempts I was able to understand that lighting defects depend on SkyLight. When it is switched off you do not see big defects but on it produces unwanted effects.
I wouldn’t want to give up using SkyLight but with so much testing I couldn’t get it to work well.
I add that it is also essential to equip face material with Ambient Occlusion textures.
Yours sincerely

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