Light visibility & culling

Hello everyone,

I have a huge tower and i want to put some spot light on the top of it, problem is that the lights are cut off due to the distance and player walking in the street can’t see it…
I know there is parameters in project settings in “Culling” section, however two things :

  • Minimum value set, still can’t see the light
  • Even if disabled, still disappear

So i was wondering if there is any other way to make this light visible from far ? Blueprints / Fake light…or another parameters ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Change light influence range if you have not

Thanks @Bits360 for your answer, however i didn’t found “light influence range”, can you maybe tell me where to find it please ?

Wrong word, attenuation radius

@Bits360 Thanks for your answer, and sorry for late ! I didn’t received the notification…

However it didn’t work well for me with attenuation radius :s