Light viewable by second camera

Okay so what i’m trying to achieve is to have the camera that screen shots the Mini map to see a directional light(my map is too dark to see good detail from its position) but for that light to NOT render for the scene my character is playing.

I have a Mini map all set up and it works fine, but only renders a usable image when i have higher intensity lighting in the scene.

Is there a way to let only one camera see the lit scene but not in the actor camera?

Is the minimap itself a texture on a plane? If so you could use an emissive material for it.

its a material updating live from a 2d capture. ive used it as an emissive but because there is very little light on the scene it barely shows any detail.

Basically I’ve created a minimap widget, that on a button press it displays an image (the material live updated from the 2d capture) then on release it removes from view.

I tried creating a second streaming level but I couldn’t get it to work, also it would create double the information in the game i really need.