Light to affect vision without emissive material??

Hey!! Again google wasn’t enough for this because i couldn’t find anyone else asking this.

So the thing is: when editing a blueprint or something, point lights affect vision blinding-like when looking directly at them.

BUT when in gameplay, it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

It feels like you can see the light source when in the editor viewport but when playing it only shows what is lit and that’s it.

So I didn’t do it yet but i read that putting a mesh with an emissive material does the job EXCEPT it doesnt affect movable things like characters. And setting EVERY other static mesh for each to be affected by emissive?? No way.
Still apart from that, how hard can it be to achieve that effect in game?

I suspected it had something to do with splitscreen but any other point or spot light put in the world does nothing to vision, in spite of splitscreen or not.

Please help!! That emissive material thing was starting to make sense, even while being such a huge workaround, but now seeing this kind of grinds my gear because it kind of shows that there are other ways.

Or maybe i’m gettting it all wrong.